Family travelling

The following tips will make it easier for you to take the bus with young children. 

Choosing a stroller  

When buying a stroller, make sure it has the following features: 

  • ideally, no wider than 55 cm: to make it easier to manoeuvre on the bus; 

  • light and easy to fold up: to make it easier to handle; 

  • fitted with a foot-operated brake: to ensure that you remain in control of your stroller once on the bus; and 

  • fitted with a basket under the seat: to store your bags. 

Exemple de modèles de poussettes à prioriser pour se déplacer en autobus

The following stroller models are the best ones when you are taking the bus.  
Note that single and double tandem strollers, with or without a car seat, are the easiest ones to handle. 

Exemple de modèles de poussettes à éviter pour se déplacer en autobus 

The following are examples of strollers to avoid if you plan to take them on the bus. Side-by-side double strollers and jogging strollers are cumbersome and difficult to manœuvre on the bus. 


If you are using one of those types of strollers during busy periods: 

  • it must be folded up before the bus pulls up; and 

  • it must remain folded and placed so as not to obstruct the main aisle on the bus. 

Reserved spaces 

Most buses have a space reserved for people riding with a stroller. Those spaces are identified by a sticker. Strollers have priority in the reserved space. Anyone sitting in that spot must yield their seat. If the space is already occupied by a stroller, the second stroller must be placed so as not to inconvenience the other riders. 

On some buses, the space reserved for a stroller is also the one for a wheelchair. In that case, the rider in the wheelchair has priority.  

Riding the bus safely 

  • Your stroller can remain open on the bus if the child is securely strapped in 

  • You must control the stroller throughout the trip  

  • You must be able to lift the stroller into the bus by yourself 

  • Your stroller should never inconvenience the other riders  

  • If the only space available on the bus would interfere with the movement of passengers, you must fold it up and store it 

  • If the bus is full, you must wait for the next one 

  • When there is more than one stroller on the bus, the priority is first come, first served.