By-law 100

By-law 100 concerns the conduct of riders on buses and throughout the STO system.  

This by-law covers the following points:  

Travelling with a stroller  
Children’s strollers are permitted on STO buses. However, you must be able to get it on the bus by yourself and remain in control of it at all times.   

Strollers must be placed in the reserved spaces or folded and tucked away. 

Travelling with animals  
Animals other than guide dogs, service dogs and small pets are prohibited. Small pets must be kept in a closed crate on your knees throughout the trip.  

Food and drinks  
Eating or drinking, or having an open food/drink container on the bus is prohibited.  

On STO buses and property, it is not permitted to:  

  • smoke, use a lighter, match or other object that produces a flame or sparks;  
  • use an e-cigarette that gives off vapour or smoke;  
  • consume any alcoholic beverage or illegal substance;  
  • wear skates or use a skateboard, a scooter, a bicycle or any other similar object; or  
  • board a bus with skis, ski poles, a sled or a toboggan during peak periods.  

Weapons and hazardous materials  
The following are prohibited on STO buses and property:  

  • any offensive weapon, including blades such as a knife, a sword, a machete, a dagger or any other similar object; and 
  • explosive or pyrotechnic products, or any hazardous gas, liquid or materials.  

Service disruptions  
You must comply with a request to move along made by a bus driver, an STO representative or a police officer.  

It is prohibited to hang onto the outside of a bus, prevent or delay the closure of a door, or extend a hand or any other part of the body or an object through a door, window or emergency exit of a bus.  

Respect for property  
You must show respect for STO property and buses. Avoid damaging any property, whether deliberately or carelessly.  

Any form of solicitation on STO buses and property is prohibited. This includes offering or selling goods or services, or displaying or distributing them.  

Fares and payment  
You must pay your fare when you board the bus.  

If you would like a transfer, you must request it when you pay your fare.  

Travelling in a wheelchair  
Wheelchair and three- or four-wheel scooter users can take the bus, but only those identified by a pictogram, and at stops similarly identified. Once on the bus, they must head over to the space provided for them.  

Additional information about accessibility throughout the system

Courtesy seating  
Courtesy seating is reserved for people with a disability, reduced mobility or a “non-visible disability” sticker or a stroller, and the elderly and expectant mothers. You must yield your seat to them.  

Lost and found objects  
Objects found on a bus must be left with the driver. Objects found in a bus shelter or on STO property must be brought to the service point at 111 Jean-Proulx.