Combine your travel modes

Combine your travel modes, explore different ways to get around!

  • Avoid traffic congestion
  • Find less expensive ways to get around
  • Get around with less hassle
  • Protect the environment!

Change your routine depending on your schedule or the weather on any given day.

Car + bus

Drive to one of our park-and-rides and take the bus the rest of the way.

Discover the benefits of car sharing with Communauto

Check the map to find the stations in Gatineau

Passenger drop-off and pick-up areas

The Labrosse, de la Cité and de la Gappe stations have a passenger drop-off and pick-up area, where drivers can stop for a few minutes. 

Bike + bus

Ride your bike to a Rapibus station or a park-and-ride equipped with bike racks, and take the bus the rest of the way!

Use the Vélo-bus service, and take your bike with you to your final destination!

Flat tire, bad weather or long day at work? You can count on the bus to bail you out. Whatever the circumstances, be sure to have your e-wallet on your Multi card on hand. 

Did you know that …

Public transit users get 54% of their recommended daily activity from the first and last kilometres and transfers?

Walk + bus

Walking helps you stay in shape.

Walk to your bus stop. Get off the bus one stop sooner to give you a chance to relax and get some fresh air.