Board of Directors


As a public corporation, pursuant to the Act respecting public transit authorities, the STO is represented by a Board of Directors (BoD) that safeguards its interests and those of its customers in accordance with its mission. Each member has a four-year term, which is renewable.


The powers of the STO are exercised by a BoD composed of seven members. Five of these are appointed by Ville de Gatineau. The other two are chosen from among Gatineau residents to represent regular and paratransit service users.

Jocelyn Blondin
Chairperson and representative of Ville de Gatineau

Edmond Leclerc
Vice-president and representative of Ville de Gatineau

Caroline Murray
Member and representative of Ville de Gatineau

Catherine Craig St-Louis
Member and representative of Ville de Gatineau

Steven Boivin
Member and representative of Ville de Gatineau

François-Michel Brière
Member and representative of regular service users

Marie-Pier Bouladier
Member and representative of paratransit service users  


The Board of Directors convenes at least 10 regular meetings annually. Those meetings are public, and therefore open to anyone who is interested.

At those meetings, BoD members make administrative, policy and technical decisions. Those decisions are subject to a majority vote and to the best interests of the STO and our customers.

Each member has one vote, and must vote on every issue put to a vote. The Chairperson casts the deciding vote in the case of a tie.

Question period

Every public meeting of the BoD starts with a question period during which questions can be put to the members. Gatineau residents are entitled to attend the meetings, ask questions and share their views. This can be done in person at the meeting or by email to Emails must be received by noon the day before the Board meeting.


BoD public meetings are held in the meeting room of the Centre administratif-Antoine-Grégoire, at 111 rue Jean-Proulx, Gatineau, starting at 4 p.m. 

2024 Public meeting assembly

January 25August 29
February 29September 26
March 28October 31st
April 25November 28
May 30December 12 
June 27* 

*The meeting on June 27 will be at 5 p.m. exceptionally.

Media scrums

During public meeting media scrums, reporters ask questions of the Chairperson and the General Manager about current topics and files discussed in the Board meeting. To view the media scrums, click here.