Sustainable development

A partner in sustainable mobility 

In keeping with our major orientations, we contribute to sustainable development, and strive on a daily basis to improve the quality of life of Gatineau residents. 

Every year, we provide more than 6 million trips. By reducing the number of single-occupant vehicle trips, we reduce: 

  • road congestion; 
  • the consumption on non-renewable resources; and 
  • greenhouse gas emissions. 

Per kilometre, public transit consumes 2.2 times less energy than a personal car. As well, public transit is a way to limit investments in infrastructure (road maintenance and construction) and is a reliable and safe transportation option. 

The bus, a sustainable and win-win option 

  • Approximately 9 times less expensive than buying and using a car. The annual average cost of a car is $11,000. 
  • Particularly safe, the risk of an accident being 10 to 20 times less than in a car. 
  • An active mode of travel that promotes walking, thereby providing more than 10% of the recommended amount of physical activity. 

Managing the impact on the environment 

Clean vehicles 

Our vehicle acquisition and maintenance plan aligns with our green commitments:  

  • acquisition of diesel-electric hybrid buses that use 33% less fuel; 

  • gradual integration of hybrid and electric vehicles for inspectors; and 

  • acquisition of the first 100% electric buses starting in 2024. 


Hazardous materials management 

Several initiatives introduced to ensure sound management of hazardous materials: 

  • the Préventis hazardous materials management prevention program; 
  • recycling of old vehicles:  

    • fluids are recovered and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner;  
    • readers, collection boxes and operating and passenger information support system equipment are kept and reused;  
    • tires are shredded; and 
    • stainless steel, aluminium and copper are sorted and melted into ingots, which are sold to be used in the manufacture of numerous derivative products.  

Provincial participation 

At the provincial level, we take part in discussions and exchanges on organizational issues and best practices in sustainable development. The objective is to promote public transit as a key player in sustainable development in Quebec. 

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