Transit APP

Real time information about your bus

Track your bus in real time with the Transit app.

Download the Transit app now to your iPhone or Android!

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Find out: 

  • When your bus will be arriving 
    Check when the bus will reach the stop in real time.  

  • When it’s time to head out to catch the bus 
    Program an alert to remind you it’s time to leave. *Remember that you should be at the stop 3 to 5 minutes before the bus gets there. 

  • Where the bus is in real time 
    Easy and reassuring, check where the bus is and track it on the map.

  • Which stop to get off at 
    Activate the GO function on the app, and an alert will let you know when to get off.

  • How full the bus is  
    Decide which bus to get on depending on how full it, and the next few buses on your route, are.  

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