Eligibility and application for paratransit

Eligibility criteria 

Only people with disabilities* that significantly compromise their mobility are eligible for paratransit. Quebec’s paratransit eligibility policy describes the eligibility criteria and the processing of applications. 

A person who meets the following two (2) conditions may be declared eligible: 

  1. *Being a person with a disability, that is to say “a person with a deficiency causing a significant and persistent disability, who is liable to encounter barriers in performing everyday activities”; and 
  2. Having limitations to mobility that justify the use of specialized transportation services. 

Only the following disabilities justify the use of paratransit:  

  • inability to walk 400 metres on even ground; 
  • inability to climb a step 35 centimetres high with support, or inability to descend it without support; 
  • inability to make an entire trip using public transit due to extreme exhaustion; 
  • inability to keep track of time or find one’s bearings; 
  • inability to master situations or behaviour that could compromise one’s own safety or that of others; or 
  • inability to communicate orally or through sign language (by itself, this disability does not constitute a criterion for eligibility). 


  • Permanent resident of Gatineau; and 
  • Authorization by the eligibility committee. 


  1. Fill out part 1 of the Paratransit Eligibility application form
  2. Part 2 has to be filled out by a health care or school professional with access to the applicant’s diagnosis. 

Submit the duly completed form:

by email:


by mail:  

Société de transport de l'Outaouais 
Paratransit Service 
111 rue Jean-Proulx 
Gatineau, Quebec J8Z 1T4 

STO head office* 
111 rue Jean-Proulx 
Gatineau, Quebec  J8Z 1T4 

Galeries Aylmer * 
181 rue Principale 
Gatineau, Quebec  J9H 6A6 

Station de la Cité * 
459 boul. de la Cité 
Gatineau, Quebec  J8Z 1T4 

Canevas * 
425 boul. Saint-Joseph 
Gatineau, Quebec  J8Y 3Z8

* Check our business hours


You will receive an answer within 45 days after your duly completed application form has been received.  


If you are found eligible, you will receive a letter confirming your eligibility for public transit and the Paratransit Service user’s Guide.