An economical and hassle-free annual membership with the Multi FIDÉLITÉ card!

  • Designed for people who take the bus regularly
  • Less expensive than the regular monthly pass 
  • Monthly automatic deductions from your bank account
  • Valid on OC Transpo buses and the O-Train. 

You would like to cancel or modify your enrolment in the FIDÉLITÉ Program?  


For immediate enrolment: 

  • Go to a service point;
  • Fill out the enrolment form;
  • Sign the personal PAD agreement (pre-authorized debit);
  • Submit a void cheque; and
  • Leave with your valid Multi FIDÉLITÉ card.

For enrolment starting the following month: 

  • fill out and sign the enrolment form
  • attach a personalized void cheque; 
  • submit these two documents before the 15th of the month prior to the month you want to start: 
    • by mail to: 
      Société de transport de l'Outaouais (STO)
      Direction des finances 
      111 rue Jean-Proulx
      Gatineau, Quebec, J8Z 1T4
    • in person at any STO service point
    • by fax to 819-770-5987.
  • To pick up your Multi FIDÉLITÉ card at the service point of your choice.


The void cheque is essential. It will enable us to make automatic deductions from your bank account. 

The Multi FIDÉLITÉ card: The FIDÉLITÉ Program’s very own pass

Do you already have a Multi card? 

 When you enroll in the FIDÉLITÉ Program, you need a new Multi card: the Multi FIDÉLITÉ card 

  • This card is specifically designed for the FIDÉLITÉ Program
  • There is no charge for the card 
  • It is programmed for your FIDÉLITÉ enrolment, and is valid from the first day of the month following your first automatic bank withdrawal 
  • It is exclusively for your FIDÉLITÉ enrolment.

STO tip! 

Hold onto your regular Multi card. Not only is it worth $10, but it could also come in useful if you decide to resume using your regular enrolment or e-wallet. 

Replacing a damaged, lost or stolen card 

  • Go to any STO service point
  • You will receive a new Multi FIDÉLITÉ card for $10 (no tax)
  • If your Multi FIDÉLITÉ card is defective, it will be replaced free of charge.

Validity on OC Transpo

  • Your Multi FIDÉLITÉ card is an accepted payment method on OC Transpo buses and the O-Train.

Automatic withdrawals from your bank account

  • On the 25th day of the month, or the next working day if the 25th is not a working day
  • Every withdrawal corresponds to 90% of the fare for a regular monthly pass (a saving of 10%) 
  • If the automatic withdrawal is not authorized or does not meet the terms of your enrolment as stipulated in the PAD agreement, you have certain options. For additional information about those options, contact your financial institution or go to 
  • When there is an annual fare revision, the amount withdrawn from your bank account is automatically adjusted without notice. However, a public notice will be published in the local papers. 
  • The following is indicated in the member statement portion (section 4) of the FIDÉLITÉ Program Enrolment/Renewal Form: “I agree to waive the pre-notification requirements of the Canadian Payments Association of the amount(s) and due date(s) debited from my account and every time there is a change in the amount(s) or payment date(s) of those debits.”



Regular fare (2024)


Monthly automatic withdrawal 


Seniors fare (2024)


Monthly automatic withdrawal



Automatic Withdrawal Date and Corresponding Month of Validity



Wednesday, December 27  2023

January 2024

Thursday, January 25 2024

February 2024

Monday, February 26 2024

March 2024

Monday, March 25 2024

April 2024

Thursday, April 25 2024

May 2024

Monday, May 27 2024

June 2024

Tuesday, June 25 2024

July 2024

Thursday, July 25 2024

August 2024

Monday, August 26 2024

September 2024

Wednesday, September 25 2024

October 2024

Wednesday, October 25 2024

November 2024

Monday, November 25 2024

December 2024

Friday, December 27 2024

January 2025

Renewal, cancellation/suspension, re-enrolment and enrolment modification

For additional information

Write us at or call us at 819-770-3242.