The Rapibus is a two-way corridor extending over more than 12 kilometres, and exclusively reserved for buses. It links boulevard Labrosse and boulevard Alexandre-Taché. It is also part of the system serving the Gatineau and Ottawa downtowns.

There are ten stations along the corridor. These are accessible, safe and offer a number of special features. 

Artworks produced for the Rapibus project 


Moraine, a piece by Montréal multi-disciplinary artist Marie-France Brière, is dedicated to the Cité du Rapibus station. It was created as part of Quebec’s policy on integrating art into architecture and the environment.

This piece is made of perforated stainless steel and white marble with black veins. The two accordion forms are reminiscent of mountains and rivers. The perforated parts lend transparency to the urban landscape. The piece is lit by lights anchored to the ground.

Marie-France Brière

An association for the prevention of tags and graffiti

While under construction, certain parts of the Rapibus were the targets of tags and graffiti. 

In 2013, in partnership with Ville de Gatineau, the STO organized a mural project to embellish the Rapibus corridor. The shared objective of reducing vandalism through graffiti and tags led to the creation of a number of colourful and original pieces!  

The project has three components:

  • the annual graffiti contest; 
  • the mural at boulevard des Allumettières; and
  • the bicycle tunnels near pont Noir 

In addition to being dynamic and visually attractive, these pieces are an excellent way of recognizing the talent and creativity of our local graffiti artists.