Presentation and background  

We would eventually like to give riders the chance to access the bus through any door to improve the experience, fluidity and performance at specific places in our system. 

Thus, our buses have been equipped with an additional smart card readers at every door. This provided the opportunity to purchase a new generation of readers.  

Those new readers have been installed at the front doors. They have a larger screen and offer several features to improve universal accessibility. They will also support changes in payment modes and ticketing.  

Bon voyage! 

Validation successful! 
Say hello to the driver and take a seat.  

Reload your card 

Validation successful, 
but you'll have to reload your card before tomorrow.  


Expired title

Validation failed 
Use a ticket or cash.  

The main phases of the project  

December 2019: purchase of readers 

  • 500 readers to equip all of our regular and articulated buses at every door  

  • 10 portable readers for inspectors to spot check passes. 

November 2020: installation of new readers 

  • The new readers were installed at the front door of every bus. Existing readers were moved to the back doors.  

Good to know! 

The readers that were moved to the back doors are not operational. You do not have to use them. They will only be activated once all-door boarding comes into effect. 

2024: all-door boarding begins 

  • All-door boarding will come into effect once the need is felt throughout the system. It will only be permitted at certain stops and times, determined by the greatest ridership.