Suppliers and procurement

Our procurement and contract awarding process is governed by the Act respecting public transit authorities (R.S.Q., c.S-30.01). Our procurement policy was adopted and has been revised by our Board of Directors (CA-2007-076).


Procurement policies

By Law 169 – Delegation of certain authorities

Download the Règlement prévoyant la délégation de certains pouvoirs du conseil d’administration (in french only)

By Law 154 – Contract management

Download the Règlement sur la gestion contractuelle (in french only)


Call for tenders

Our calls for tenders are posted on the Government of Quebec’s official call for tenders site, the Système électronique d'appel d'offres (SEAO).


For the list of contracts awarded for up to $25,000, go to the SEAO website. 

List of contracts for $2,000 adding up to more than $25,000 per supplier:

Become a supplier

Would you be interested in working with us? Register now to have your name added to our list of suppliers. 

Our business partners and sub-contractors must comply with the values and principles in our Code de conduite et d'éthique des employés. (in french only)

Procedure for handling complaints

Procédure portant sur la réception et l'examen des plaintes. (in french only)