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Nature of the Service

Notice to Clientele

Paratransit is not affected by the pressure tactics from the drivers and maintenance employees since this service is provided by a subcontractor hired by the STO.

However, in this strike situation, the pressure tactics being used are unfortunately resulting in the cancellation of many trips on different regular bus routes. Consequently, to compensate riders and to thank them for their trust and loyalty, the STO is offering its clientele certain fare reductions.

The following fare compensation applies to paratransit riders:

Reduced cash fares

Starting Wednesday, February 1, 2017, and for the duration of the strike, cash fares will be reduced as follows:

  • Basic fare: $2.50 per trip
  • Student / senior fare: $2 per trip

The reduced fares apply to paratransit trips paid in cash only.

Compensation for pass holders

The STO is giving pass holders compensation equal to 25% of the value of their pass, applicable as of January.

  • Monthly pass: paratransit riders who purchased a monthly pass for January and/or February will receive reimbursement of 25% of the value of the pass by cheque in April.

    The reduced fare for April pass is now available online and at STO service points and recharging sites. Please note that it will not be possible to buy a pass for May or any subsequent months.

    Refer to the fare structure below for the reduced fares and compensation amounts.

  • Fidélité Program: the February 25th debit will reflect the reduced Fidélité fare for the March pass ($64 for adults and $27 for seniors) and compensation for January and February for riders who were Fidélité members during this period. For these riders, the amount debited will therefore be $21 for adults and $9 for seniors.

    Should the strike continue, the subsequent debits will reflect the reduced Fidélité fare ($64 for adults and $27 for seniors).

Fare schedule with compensation


Regular fare

Compensation amount
(January and February)

Reduced fare
(starting in March)

Monthly pass













Fidélité Program










Paratransit service is door-to-door public transportation for disabled persons who are unable to use regular public transit. This service is provided for the STO by a sub-contractor in the area served.

To use paratransit, riders must first qualify for the service as defined by the Paratransit Eligibility Policy from the Quebec Ministry of Transport.

This service does everything it can to respond to as many requests for transportation as possible. Co-ordinating the trips and the punctuality of every rider are essential for making the service as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Depending on the specific needs of riders, the STO's paratransit service uses four types of vehicles: adapted minibuses and taxis, and conventional minibuses and taxis. These vehicles all have access to the reserved lanes to ensure more rapid service.

The Paratransit Service User's Guide can provide more information to supplement this section.

Reasons for transportation

There is no restriction to the reasons for using the paratransit service except for school transportation and inter-institutional transportation (such as from one health care institution to another).

The only transportation provided to the Ontario area is the following:

Transportation for work and post-secondary education

For work and post-secondary education when the courses are not available in the province of Quebec, riders can be taken from their home to any destination within a distance of no more than 8 kilometres from Parliament Hill (corner of Wellington/Metcalfe).

Transportation for health care services

When health care services such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy and medical appointments are required, riders can be taken from their home to the following locations only:

  • Ottawa Hospital (General Campus, Civic Campus and Riverside Campus)
  • Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario
  • Ottawa Rehabilitation Centre

Transportation for cultural, recreational or social activities

When transportation is required for cultural, recreational or social activities, riders can be taken from their home to any location within the following boundaries:

  • Eastern limit: King Edward Avenue – both sides
  • Southern limit: Queensway
  • Western limit: Booth Street – both sides
  • Northern limit: Ottawa River

Transportation is always offered subject to the availability of vehicles and is provided only for paratransit riders. The service does not offer the possibility for persons other than the rider to be taken to or picked up from these locations.

Types of trips

Regular trips for work or education

These are trips that a rider makes on a regular basis for at leas three months, meaning at least once a week at a set time with the same pick-up and drop-off points. Once the request has been confirmed, the rider no longer needs to reserve each trip.

Occasional trips

These are occasional trips for shopping, visiting family or friends, or participating in activities.

Last-minute trips

Last-minute trips are generally owing to unforeseen circumstances. Depending on vehicle availability, we are happy to provide you with transportation. An eligibility application must be submitted.     


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