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Rules Governing Refunds of Transit Passes

To find out more about COVID-19 and public transit, as well as the measures introduced by the STO,
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Requests for refunds of transit passes issued by the STO are governed by specific rules.

Refund policy due to the COVID-19

We know and understand that residents have to cut back on their travels, however we are not refunding passes for the month of March.

For customers who purchased a pass for the months of April and May before March 15:

Monthy pass, including ZAP 

An amount equivalent to the pre-paid amount will be credited to your e-wallet. Your pass is therefore valid. As of June 1, you can board and tap your Multi card.

If you are planning to take the bus regularly:

  • go to an STO service points  to convert your e-wallet to a monthly pass.
    • The following two service points are open as of May 19: Station de la Cité and 111 rue Jean-Proulx
  • or buy a monthly pass online at one of our 50 sales points that is closest to you, while retaining your e-wallet balance. 

Cam-Puce subscription

an amount proportionate to the unused months is credited to the e-wallet, as follows:


Cam-Puce UQO

Cam-Puce STO


Heritage College

Cégep de l'Outaouais
















Collecting your credit

The credit will be added to your customer account with no expiry date, at no cost. Thus, once the situation returns to normal, as of June 1, when payment will be required upon boarding, you will have access to this amount, or you can apply that credit to a monthly pass by going to one of our open service points.

Refunds must be requested before Friday, April 10.

Customers who bought passes for April and beyond before March 15 and did not request a refund before April 10, 2020 will have their e-wallet credited as indicated above.

Customers who would like a refund for the months of June and beyond should note that the usual Rules Governing Refunds of Transit Passes apply.

This is the process:

1. go to one of the service points. As of May 19, the following two will be open: De la Cité and Antoine-Grégoire Administrative Centre):

  • be sure to have your MULTI card with you;
  • if one of the following applies to you, be sure to have the required proof:
    • stopped work (loss of employment or illness) – record of employment or medical certificate REQUIRED
    • maternity, paternity or parental leave – record of employment REQUIRED
    • death of the card holder – declaration of death REQUIRED;

2. an agent will get you to fill out and sign a form;

3. your request will then be submitted to the Finance Department for review; and

4. you will receive your refund in the form of a cheque.


  • $5 minimum refund;
  • 6 month maximum.


Do you study in Ottawa and live in Gatineau? The UPass will not be available this summer. Your most economical option is to get a Multi card, which is valid on both sides of the river.


Automatic withdrawals for the EMPLOYER Program were suspended for the months of April and May. They will resume for the month of June because payment will once again be mandatory when you board. Check with your employer about the exact date of withdrawal.

Cancellation of enrolment  in the EMPLOYER Program

If you wish to cancel your enrolment in the EMPLOYER Program, you will have to notify  your employer directly. Your card will then be disactivated.

Provisions governing the refund of transit passes

Transit passes cannot be refunded or transferred to another person. Nevertheless, an exception may be granted to refund a pass on specific grounds when the prescribed deadlines are met and for the reasons set out below. The value of the refund must be $10 or more (after the deduction of a $5 administration) and cover a period not exceeding 6 months.

Purchase before the pass becomes valid

Riders who have purchased a monthly pass and request a refund before the 1st day that the pass becomes valid.

Death of the card holder *

Eligible parties may request a refund for any transit pass loaded on the smart card upon the death of the card holder. To process the request, the Société requires the necessary supporting documents (declaration of death).

Stopped work (loss of employment or illness) *

Riders who have lost their employment or are on medical leave for more than one month. To process the request, the Société requires the necessary supporting documents (record of employment or medical certificate).

Maternity, paternity or parental leave *

Riders who are on maternity, paternity or parental leave for a period exceeding one month and who request a refund once their leave has started. To process the request, the Société requires the necessary supporting documents (record of employment).

*A $5 administration fee applies in all cases and will be deducted from the refund amount.

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Refund granted (calculation method used)

Monthly pass

Pass price – (cost of one trip paid with the e-wallet x the number of trips taken) – administration fee ($5)


Amount in the e-wallet – administration fee ($5)

Bus tickets

Only complete booklets of bus tickets will be refunded – administration fee ($5)

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Provisions governing the exchange of transit passes

Riders may exchange a transit pass for a different type of pass within the prescribed deadlines. However, an exchange cannot result in a refund to the rider.

Exchanging an amount in the e-wallet for a monthly pass

Riders who wish to buy a monthly pass and use some or all of the funds in their e-wallet to pay for it.

Exchanging a monthly pass (month not started) for the equivalent amount in the e-wallet

Riders who wish to convert the cost of a monthly pass into an equivalent amount in the e-wallet, provided that the request is submitted before the 1st day that the monthly pass becomes valid.

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Provisions governing the replacement of smart cards

Smart cards may be replaced under the following circumstances:  

Lost, stolen or damaged smart card

Riders must go to a service point to have the card and any contents replaced. A replacement fee applies.

Defective smart card

Riders must go to a service point to have the card and any contents replaced for free. 

In the event that the data on the smart card cannot be read, only the information contained in the central system will be loaded onto the new smart card for all types of transit passes on the card. If no monthly pass is available on the card, but there are funds in the e-wallet or e-fares, the STO reserves the right to deduct the value of two trips. The smart card issuing fee is not refundable.

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The provisions above do not apply to transit passes issued as part of a transit pass program (Fidélité, Cam-Puce, etc.) since these passes are governed by specific rules set out in the terms and conditions for each program.

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Responsibility for the policy

The Customer Relations service is responsible for the application of this policy.

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