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May 12, 2021

Update - Announcement of the optimal solution for the dedicated public transit system

The comparative analysis of the different scenarios under study found that the optimal dedicated public transit solution between Gatineau's west end and the Gatineau and Ottawa downtowns is the all-tram scenario, with a tunnel under Sparks Street in downtown Ottawa. This scenario is the one that best meets the needs identified and detailed in the complementary study.

In the event that the tunnel option proves unfeasible (due to cost or technical issues), the optimal solution would be the all-tram scenario with integration at-grade on Wellington in downtown Ottawa. Further details on these two options will be provided in the subsequent pre-project phase.

On the Quebec side, the dedicated public transit system will use chemin d'Aylmer and boulevard Alexandre-Taché in the south (between UQO and the Ottawa River), and boulevard du Plateau in the north.

Now that the route, technology and costs are known, detailed analyses will be conducted over the next few months for the pre-project phases, including the preliminary design of the project, the environmental assessment, the calls for proposals and certain preparatory technical service elements.

The public consultation process will continue in order to update and consult residents and stakeholders about certain aspects that will be highlighted during the pre-project phase.

For additional details, consult the route outline and the technical briefing presentation.


Place du Portage/Zibi

Du Plateau


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