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Free Uninterrupted Wi-Fi Access for Rapibus Riders … A Unique Service in Quebec!

Published : 08-21-2013

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Société de transport de l'Outaouais (STO) riders will have free Wi-Fi access on the articulated buses travelling along the Rapibus corridor when the service starts in the fall. Even better, this wireless Internet access will be uninterrupted between stations and the articulated buses, offering a unique service in Quebec for public transit riders!

This Board decision follows on the pilot project on three articulated buses that was launched in May and ended in late July after conclusive testing. The purpose of the trial was to check the functionality of components and evaluate the popularity of the service.

The survey conducted during the pilot showed that the large majority of riders most frequently used the service to read e-mail, access social networks, and browse news sites and the STO's Web site, including Plani-Bus.

When the Wi-Fi service is launched, 47 articulated buses will be operating primarily in the Rapibus corridor. All buses equipped with Wi-Fi will be identified both on the inside and outside of the vehicles, making it easy for STO riders to spot them.
"Wi-Fi access is an additional attraction to encourage public transit use because it allows riders to be entertained, get information or even work during their trip," commented STO Chairman Patrice Martin, explaining that "This is clearly an added value for anyone choosing to take the bus by making their travel experience better."  

The STO will continue to gradually introduce Wi-Fi access with the arrival of new articulated buses every year, and will have 74 such buses in 2016. The STO also aims to offer Wi-Fi service elsewhere in its system once a sufficient number of articulated buses make this possible. A three-year mandate with Rogers will help to clearly understand rider usage behaviour and habits.
This new feature joins the two existing text messaging services (Infobus service and System-Info alerts) and the mobile site at These mobile solutions supplement the range of information tools already available and further enhance the customer experience by making it easy for riders to get information while they are travelling.

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