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Bus system overview – March 14, 2017

Published : 03-14-2017

The Société de transport de l'Outaouais (STO) is currently in the process of renewing the collective agreement for drivers and maintenance employees. On January 20, the bus drivers and maintenance employees decided to exercise their right to strike.

In this strike situation, the pressure tactics being used are unfortunately resulting in many cancelled trips on different STO bus routes. Daily efforts are being made to provide the best possible service under the circumstances. The STO is trying to minimize the impact on its clientele by maintaining the integrated transportation for students and by keeping lower frequency routes, single trips and trips serving more distant sectors. The STO is making every effort to minimize the impact of cancelled trips by withdrawing trips on the high frequency routes, namely the Rapibus corridor. However, these bus routes could experience a higher volume of passengers than usual.

During the week, riders should check for the tables listing the trips that have been cancelled during the morning and evening peak periods until further notice. If resources become available, everything will be done to provide these trips. Any other additional, unexpected cancellations will be announced by personalized System-Info alerts. This information will also be available at or

Review of the afternoon peak period – Monday, March 13

* 57 trips cancelled in the system.

* 31 buses unavailable due to reported defects.

* Average delay of 5 minutes.

System overview on Tuesday, March 14

Morning peak period:

* 49 trips cancelled in the system.

* 28 buses unavailable due to reported defects.

* Average delay of less than 5 minutes.

Afternoon peak period:

* 70 cancelled trips are confirmed due to 40 buses being unavailable at the beginning of the peak period. These buses have had minor and major defects reported that are currently being repaired. However, during peak periods, this number may drop as all buses that are made safe and become available are put back into service without delay.

* The STO will use the personalized System-Info alerts to announce any additional, unplanned trip cancellations, but cannot guarantee that it will be able to announce last-minute cancellations.

* The STO continues to supplement the operations team with a total of 2 dispatchers on duty at the control centre and 4 inspectors in the system who are providing immediate management on site until further notice.

* Riders should allow themselves more time than usual to complete their trips this week.



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