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This summer, I'm taking the bus!

This summer, I'm taking the bus! Travel together safely.

In July and August, I'm saving with the Multi card

Family Fare

This summer, with the family fare, children aged 11 and under who are accompanied get to ride the STO for free.

On Saturdays and Sundays, in Julay and auguste - the fare is $2 with your e-wallet on the Multi card

On Saturdays and Sundays, the fare is $2 with your e-wallet on the Multi card.


For youth aged 12 to 16, the ZAP+  offers unlimited trips for only $26/month.

All these promotions are valid on the regular network and Paratransit service.

Where do you get a Multi card?

Deposit any amount of money you want in the e-wallet section of your Multi card.

All about the Multi

The advantages of an e-wallet:

  • Anyone aged 20 and UNDER pays $2.60 per trip with the personalized Multi;
  • Anyone aged 21 and OVER pays $3.50 per trip.

Save compared to using a ticket or cash ($4).

Planning my trips

Use one of the information tools before and during your trips:





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