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Infobus - A Single Number to Access the VOCAL Service

A year ago, the STO modernized its Infobus VOCAL telephone service whose technology dated back to 1986.

This service gives the time that the next 2 buses will be passing for all the bus routes serving a stop.

A transition period gave riders the chance to familiarize themselves with the new Infobus VOCAL telephone service. During this period, the Infobus vocal service could be reached by calling the old phone numbers at 819 778+ (followed by the 4-digit Infobus number associated to the bus line) or the new single access number at 819 778-5555. This also gave the STO time to adapt the different tools and media displaying the old number.

This transition period has now ended. The old Infobus numbers at 819 778+ (followed by the 4-digit Infobus number associated to the bus line) are no longer in operation. To access the Infobus VOCAL service by telephone, you must call the single access number at 819 778-5555.



3 ways to access the service

Infobus by telephone - Vocal service
Call the single access number 819 778-5555 and follow the voice prompts to enter your bus stop number.

Infobus by text message
Juste text your bus stop number to 819778


  • Trips marked with an asterisk (*) indicate the last trip of the day.
  • Add STO (# 819778) to your contacts to simplify your Infobus requests.

Infobus on the mobile site at
Simply enter your bus stop number or bus stop name.






The bus stop numbers appear in Plani-Bus and on all bus stops signs.


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