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Open Data

Open data on the STO bus system (GTFS) available for the creation of rider information tools based on scheduled data

In the summer of 2015, migration to a more recent version of the operating system for the Société de transport de l'Outaouais' (STO) bus system data has made it easier in-house to create timetables and assign drivers, and has also resulted in a few changes to and new features for the rider information tools.

This operating system allows the STO to generate GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) files containing all the raw information from its system for planned schedules. These data make it possible to geolocate bus stops, identify each individual bus route and obtain the full details of planned schedules.

The STO shares these data with the developer community. Developers can download the data and use their unlimited imagination to create rider information tools based on scheduled data, such as new apps or Web sites.

Like every public organization that shares its data, specific terms and conditions govern the use of these data.

Visit the Developer Space.

Gallery - Stand-alone apps and Web sites

Below is a non-comprehensive list of stand-alone apps and Web sites containing data provided by the STO.

The STO is not responsible for the accuracy of the information generated by the apps or Web sites produced by developers that incorporate the STO's open data.

Google Transit

The STO is currently working with Google Transit to integrate its GTFS. Many steps and verifications are required. User's will be informed as soon as the process is finished.



Transit App for iOS and Android

This app, which is growing in popularity, continues to prove its worth among many riders and transit corporations in Quebec and abroad.

Information on the STO bus system is intergrated to this stand-alone app.

Download it for free on Google Play and iTunes.

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MonTransit for Android

MonTransit gives you access to STO information, including:

  • planned bus schedules (no Internet connection or Wi-Fi required to view the timetables);
  • System-Info on the latest changes for your bus route;
  • the latests videos uploaded by the STO on YouTube,
  • the latests news from @STOGatineau on Twitter (available as of January 2016).

MonTransit is compatible with (almost) all transit agencies in Canada.

Download MonTransit for free on Google Play

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STO Bus Tracker for Android

STO Bus Tracker allows transit riders to easily locate bus stops close to you and view planned schedules at those stops. No Internet connection or data plan is required. The app is fully functional in offline mode.

With STO Bus Tracker, you can also:

  • Locate bus stops near you on the full-size offline map, using your geolocation;
  • Find a specific bus stop using keyword search;
  • Save frequently accessed bus stops;
  • Display planned schedules at a given stop;
  • Display all upcoming trip schedules for the day;
  • Easily access the STO's Infobus real-time arrival information using phone call or SMS.

The app can be purchased on Google Play.

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STO Planner for iOS

STO Planner was built to make getting the route to your destination as quick and easy as possible. Pull out your phone and instantly find out which bus to take and when to get out the door.

With STO Planner, you can:

  • Search for any location in Gatineau and Ottawa;
  • Effortlessly drop a pin on the map;
  • Immediately get a route to your location, then tweak your arrival or departure time if necessary;
  • Quickly get to previous destinations from the Bookmarks button;
  • Star favourite locations or mark them "Home", "Work" or "Play" to gain one-tap access to them;
  • Obtain step-by-step details, times and walking instructions as well as Infobus call links;
  • Look up bus time tables, Infobus details and more from the built-in STO mobile site.

The app can be purchased on iTunes.

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Transit 360 for iOS

Transit simplified. Transit 360 puts your city's transit system into the palm of your hand.

With Transit 360, you can:

  • Easily find all the nearby stops and routes using maps and schedules;
  • Add favourites for your frequent stops, routes and searches, give them a custom name and rearrange them so your most frequent is easiest to find;
  • View the information on large, interactive maps;
  • Set alerts to receive notifications reminding you of a departure;
  • Search by route name or number for a map of stop locations and schedules;
  • Search by stop number to get a full schedule of routes and departure times;
  • View route schedules for current and future dates.

Download Transit 360 for free on iTunes.

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