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Bicycle Path and Bicycle Racks

When May arrives, ride your bike to a Rapibus station or park-and-ride that has bicycle racks and continue your trip by bus, or use the Vélo-bus service and take your bike with you to your destination!

Secure bike storage

These secure bike storage units will make your bike-bus ride that much easier all year-long! Each module contains six (6) private lockers that can be reserved and accessed with the vélo-transit app.

Three (3) locations in Gatineau:

  • In front of the Cégep de l'Outaouais (Campus Félix-Leclerc), on boulevard de La Gappe near the bike path (Gatineau sector);
  • Rivermead Park-and-Ride, (Aylmer sector); and
  • 25 Laurier Street (Hull sector).

How it works and what it costs:

  • Reservation fees of $0.50
  • The first 10 hours are free.
  • After that, it's $1 per hour.
  • You can reserve your locker up to one hour ahead of time.
  • You use the vélo-transit mobile app to reserve and access your locker.
  • Check instructions (in French only).

This pilot project is made possible by a partnership between Ville de Gatineau, the Société de transport de l'Outaouais and Vélo-Transit.

Download the app


Rapibus bicycle path

As an added value, the Rapibus corridor includes a utilitarian bicycle path from Labrosse station to Les Galeries de Hull station. 

Linked to Gatineau's existing network of bicycle paths, it offers 10.7 km of pleasant riding for cyclists. With the Pont Noir bridge crossing the Gatineau River, it enables direct access between the Gatineau and Hull sectors.

The bicycle path

  • Is safe so cyclists do not have to deal with vehicle traffic.
  • Provides a link with the existing network of bicycle paths in Gatineau and the National Capital Commission (NCC) area.
  • Links the main business, academic, recreational and commercial centres.


  • 10.7 km utilitarian bicycle path along the corridor.
  • Three lit, safe bicycle tunnels.
  • Bicycle racks at 9 Rapibus stations and 6 Park-and-rides for a total close to 240 bikes, including many covered racks.
  • Additional bicycle lanes on existing streets to connect the Rapibus path to the existing network.

Special marking makes the bicycle path safer

At the City of Gatineau's request, measures have been implemented, in collaboration with merchants, to improve the safety of the cycling link along Gappe boulevard.

To make the path more visible and safer for users, the section along Gappe between Cité and Gréber is marked at business entrances using StreetPrint XD.

This technology involves marking the path with red and white stripes, as well as a stop sign, to make the bicycle path more visible for motorists while also drawing their attention to the importance of giving priority to cyclists and pedestrians.

A crossing over the Gatineau River

A bicycle bridge alongside the Pont Noir bridge provides a crossing over the Gatineau River. It is a welcome addition appreciated by cyclists and pedestrians alike.

See the map of the Rapibus bicycle path.

Bicycle racks at the stations and some park-and-rides

Hop on your bike to get to a Rapibus station or a park-and-ride. You can safely leave your bike there and continue your trip by bus.

Rapibus stations
with bicycle racks

with bicycle racks

Hull Sector











Please note that if a bicycle is abandoned on an STO bicycle rack, we reserve the right to remove it and store it on our premises. Owners of abandoned bicycles will be able to reclaim them by calling 819-770-3242; however, they will not be able to claim for any expenses.



Bicycle paths in the region

The City of Gatineau, the NCC and the City of Ottawa have made a network of easily accessible bicycle paths available allowing cyclists to travel rapidly from one end of the region to the other.

Discover the region's bicycle paths:

Safe cycling

Do you have to share the road with motorists and buses? See how to cycle safely.

Combine your modes of transportation

Discover other transportation combinations that are available with the bus! 


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