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Published : 06-16-2019

Reminder: For your safety, the Rapibus corridor is reserved exclusively for buses


All other use is strictly prohibited.

Whether you are walking, cycling or driving, comply with the Highway Safety Code.

Police presence

To ensure that you and our team are safe, a partnership with the Gatineau City Police Department (SPVG) has been established. Police will be conducting operations to enforce compliance with the Highway Safety Code and various regulations governing pedestrians, cyclists and drivers, in particular at the stations and different intersections along the corridor.

SVPG interventions will be sporadic, depending on the processes and management of priorities related to public safety.

Good practices

Always cross at designated locations.

For example:

  • At De la Cité station, use the pedestrian walkway.
  • At De la Gappe station, cross at the intersection.
  • Between stations: use the sidewalks, the bicycle path along the corridor, or the streets going to your station. Avoid walking, cycling or driving in the corridor.



For more information, contact Customer Relations at 819 770-3242.


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